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Universalathletictesting.com is a platform created for you to have a consistent method of testing and evaluating your basic athletic ability. The UAT test will allow you to quickly and easily test your basic athletic ability multiple times to see where you are athletically and where you need to be to reach your goals. It will allow you to see what specific areas you need improvement in and whether or not the workouts you are doing are helping you improve. Every time you take the test you will know where you stand athletically and be better equipped to construct a plan to get you to your goals

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Universal Athletic Testing and UAT+ were created to help athletes have a better understanding of who they are as an athlete and what their potential may be. We believe that having the ability to know who you are as an athlete, how you measure up to your competition and what it takes to get to the next level will help every athlete maximize their full potential. Our UAT technology gives athletes a platform to test themselves in an athletic assessment that measures their Speed, Agility, Power and Endurance.

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