About UAT

Universal Athletic Testing (UAT) was created to help answer 1 simple question: HOW ATHLETIC ARE YOU? Athletic is defined as “Involving the use of physical skills or capabilities such as strength, agility and stamina”. The Universal Athletic Test is an Athletic Performance Assessment used to measure Speed, Power, Agility and Endurance.

The concept of UAT is centered around 2 key principals: 1). Physical athletic ability and 2). Freedom of choice.

With the Athletics, Wellness and Fitness industries growing at such a rapid pace, performance evaluation has become segmented. As a result, it is increasingly difficult to compare athletic ability between individuals. Each niche has their own set of criteria that they believe is necessary to evaluate physical ability. For example, A Swimmer’s criteria is different from a Cross Country runner and a Football player is evaluated differently than a CrossFit athlete etc.. To compound that, there are usually different group segment like Youth, Intermediate and Pro among others. We have made it our goal to embrace these differences because we realize and understand that it is impossible to evaluate athletic ability with a uniform set of tests.

With UAT, we created a platform that is not exclusive to any specific sport or activity and allows Coaches, Trainers, Teams and Organizations across all athletic fields to create their own set of athletic tests and scoring scales. We also wanted to simplify the way people access this information so that they could easily compare the results with others. Having the freedom to choose is the primary motivation behind our newest addition, UAT+, and we have accomplished this by applying 2 simple features:

1. Freedom of choice. We put complete control in the hands of our client.
a. You choose how many tests you want to evaluate (Unlimited)
b. You choose which tests you want to evaluate (Speed, Strength, Agility, Endurance)
c. You choose the measuring units to record the results (Distance, Time, Weight, Repetitions)
d. You choose the scoring criteria (Low Score Result “1” = X High Score Result “100” = Y)

2. We assign a score for each test based on the criteria you have entered from 1-100 and then average those scores to create a cumulative score based on the results.

Inspiration is a powerful motivator for improvement. UAT is about empowering those who inspire others.

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